element6 focuses on the tools that lead the charge in electronic media development. Listed below are the technologies that our developers focus on.

These are the languages used to create web pages. HTML is the original language of web development. DHTML adds more interesting features to web pages.

This "scripting" language makes web pages come alive with a variety of features. Click here for an example.

This technology allows for very fast animation and sound files for web pages. Most browsers are now equipped to play Flash files. Click here for an example. (This example is only 20Kb including the sound!)

Active Server Pages (ASP)
This technology is a combination of HTML, VB (Visual Basic) Script and Structured Query Language that combine to make powerful database-driven web pages. ASP allows for data to be shared in both directions from the server and the viewer.

Streaming Media
We still have limited bandwidth even with today's faster connections to the Internet. Streaming media allows us to enjoy large audio and video files without the "World Wide Wait".

Quick Time Virtual Reality provides realistic dynamic content to Internet or Compact Disk projects.

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